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Have you a unique or unusual design, modeling, simulation, or materials usage problem that you need to solve urgently?  We can improve your world rapidly!


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Model Examples


Microbeam Resistor
Microbeam Resistor

Three -Stub Tuner

Pryor Knowledge Systems provides technical consulting in the areas of research, development and computer-based prototype devices and systems development. We are materials properties experts. We will assist your engineering staff in materials selection. We will also develop, build and run custom multiphysics models, simulations and computer prototypes for your current or anticipated product lines. To request your free half-hour initial consultation, call us at 248-626-3170 or send an e-mail today.

We regularly build models that utilize the following multiphysics categories: AC/DC, Acoustics, CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics), Chemical Reaction Engineering, Electrostatic Fields, Heat Transfer, Magnetic Fields, MEMS, Microfluidics, Particle Tracing, Photonics (optics), Plasma, RF, Semiconductor Devices, Sensors (electrical, electronic, magnetic, pressure, thermal, etc.), SPICE, and others.

We regularly work with businesses seeking grants or SBIRs, as an Independent contractor for materials properties consultation and/or for developing custom multiphysics models, simulations and computer prototypes for their research or anticipated products.

We also offer scheduled courses in the use of the COMSOL Multiphysics® software and custom modeling and simulation training to enable your designers, engineers and scientists to develop their own models with  COMSOL. See our course schedule.  Our instructor, Dr. Roger W. Pryor, is a COMSOL Certified Consultant.

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COMSOLTo request your free half-hour initial consultation, call Pryor Knowledge Systems at 248-626-3170 or send an e-mail today.

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